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Dietary Supplement Injury Attorneys

Diet Supplements Gone Wrong Including Hydroxycut

Your butt is too big. Your breasts are too small. Your weigh more than Paris Hilton. You're not as buff as the next guy. Do real men have muscles?

As a nation, self confidence about our collective physical self is in the toilet. We yearn to be shapelier, more muscular, less flabby, and height/weight proportionate or downright model thin. Beauty is no longer in the eye of the beholder but now held to some heightened standard airbrushed across fashion magazines. Beauty seems to be beyond our reach because we always seem to be reaching for diet supplements, nutritional supplements, weight loss products, and muscle builders.

According to Nutrition Business Journal in 2006, we spent $22.1 billion on vitamins, minerals, herbs and botanicals, sports supplements, meal supplements, and weight loss products.

  • Diet supplements are widely available in health food stores, grocery stores, pharmacies, on the Internet, and by mail.
  • Diet supplements frequently claim to be natural but that doesn't mean they are safe. Ingredients not permitted by the FDA have been found in diet supplements.
  • Diet supplement side effects may include allergic reactions, interact with prescription and nonprescription drugs, or cause kidney and liver problems.
  • Diet supplements like Hydroxycut which claim to be natural yet have caused death, liver damage, seizures, cardiovascular disorders, weakness, abdominal pain, rhabdomyolysis, and kidney damage.
  • Diet supplements may not be standardized based on different brands. Except for vitamins and minerals, the long term effects of diet supplements are unknown.
  • Diet supplements are often not necessary if you eat a healthy diet. A pill or tablet can never take the place of a whole food or a serving of steamed broccoli.
  • Diet supplements come with caveats or recommendations such as drink plenty of water (or you'll be dehydrated and cramping/kidney damage may occur); don't go out into the sun; don't take more than prescribed on the bottle; exercise.

Just because you don't need a prescription for over the counter diet supplements doesn't mean that they are safe.

If you or a family member has been severely harmed from over the counter diet supplements like Hydroxycut and other diet supplements, please contact the pharmaceutical injury law firm Anapol Schwartz with offices in Pa., NJ, and WVa. Let our dietary supplement injury lawyers determine what you legal options are.

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